We are pleased to announce that the company formally known as POWERSAFE MAGNETICS P/L is now a part of Macro Groups in the Macro Power Division!


Since 2007 we started to manufacture all Eaton's sola 200/210 series power conditioners and isolation transformers for railway projects.


Macro Power offers a wide range of wound components, Reactors, AC & DC chokes, Air core reactors, Transformers and HID Lighting ballasts, including American Style of Constant Wattage (CWA) Ballasts. Specially manufacturing Metal Halide Linear (MHL) Ballasts for Sylvania and Osram range of Briteline 1000w, 1500w, and 2000w double ended lamps. Ballasts MH1000CW/C/2 & MH1000CW/C/4 for lamp 66634 - M1000T7/DE, MHL1500CW/C/2 & MHL1500CW/C/4 for lamp 66619 - M1500T7/DE, and MH2000CW/C/2 & MH2000CW/C/4 for lamp 66627 - M2000T8/DE.


We can supply our products in various forms such as open type with suitable terminations, assembled and hard wired on gear trays, in metal boxes, completed light fitting with lamp etc. Each product is fully tested to Australian Standards before leaving our factory. We are Australia and New Zealand distributor for Aerovox capacitors, ELT electronic & magnetic ballasts and LED drivers.




Single phase isolation transformers
Single Phase Indoor Enclosed
Single Phase Outdoor Enclosed
Three phase autotransformers 
Three phase isolation transformers
Three phase Outdoor Enclosed
Motor starting autotransformers
Constant voltage transformers
Electronic transformers
Encapsulated Transformers
Below Ground Transformers 
Polygonal Phase Shifting Transformers


H.I.D. Lighting control equipment


MH Linear Control Gear
MV, MH and HPS reactor control gear
MH and HPS constant wattage control gear
Switchable 400W and 1000W MH/HPS control gear
Outdoor Enclosures rated IP65
Power Reduction Switches
Power Reduction Ballasts


Hydroponic Equipment


GROW LUSH AUSTRALIA range of equipment




Briteline Ballast MHL1500CW/C/2GT >>


Briteline Ballast MHL1500CW/C/4GT >>

Transformers and Reactors Catalogue
H.I.D Lighting Control Catalogue
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Single phase AC and DC chokes.
Three phase AC line reactors.
Three phase filter reactors (rejection coils).
Three phase tuning reactors (anti-harmonic chokes)
Fault Limiting Reactors (air cored) 


Power supplies


AC power supplies
Fixed and variable unregulated DC power supplies
Battery chargers




Aerovox Microwave Capacitor