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Power Reduction Ballast
Metal Halide Reactor Ballast is an inexpensive, compact and simple method for control of HID Lamps. These Power reduction Ballasts offer even further savings with high efficiency and low losses when used in conjunction with PS-10 (Power Reduction switches). This simple union will also increase your lamp life resulting in less replacement costs
Long Service Life
Vacuum impregnation
Non-audible noise level
300mm Long Flying Leads Provided
Power Factor Corrected to 0.85 with nominated capacitor
Winding insulation Class H materials
Fixed air Gap ensuring permanent calibration
Tw150 winding temperature rating 
C-tick N3499
Extras Include
Timer Long Distance Ignitors
Change Over Relays
Power Reduction Switches
Final Testing
Winding short Circuit
Ballast Part LOSSES
POWER VOLTS I-start I-run No: (W) VOLTS     Capacitor IGNITOR MASS
(W) (V) (A) (A)     (V) I-start (A) I-run (A) F ≥ 0.85 pf   (Kg)
400 135 5.5 3.25 RM250-400 26 240 3.8 2.12 20 IGH201 3.1
250 130 3.65 2.13 RM250-400 19 240 2.5 1.45 20 IGH201 3.1