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While the maximum performance of a lighting system is only required during busy active hours a significant energy savings are gained if the illumination level can be reduced during less demanding times. Therefore power reduction is possible in HPS and MH’s lighting level by switching the inductance in the luminaries without compromising the uniformity of the lighting design, which is easily achieved with Macro Power’s Hi/Low power reduction relays. The power input of mercury vapour and high-pressure sodium vapour can be reduced to as low as 50% of the rated wattage without impairing lamp life.
PS-10 This power switch relay can be simply and easily wired into the control equipment circuit and operated by a separate switch. When this separate control supply is energized the lamp runs at reduced power
Lamp Power Reduction applications can be as following and much more.
In factories, warehouses, industrial storage, railway yards etc., a reduction in the lighting level outside working hours to provide amenity security
Car parking areas, floodlighting of buildings, security lighting, advertising signs, and public amenity areas can all benefit from reduced yet uniform lighting in the quite hours, late in the evening and in the early hours of the morning
Low level but uniform security lighting on railway station platforms
Airport gate lounges and check-in counters, baggage areas and customs halls
In road lighting applications, reduced lighting levels can be set to periods of very low traffic volumes, e.g.: 12:00am – 4:00am

Two wire IGNITOR Configuration

Three wire IGNITOR Configuration

This excellent device not just only offers you a reduction in power bill but also extends you lamp life and therefore having less lamp replacement costs.
Note: Due to continual product improvement data and specifications are subject to change without notice.