MACRO   Power & Engineering

The next steps in protection are Macro Power's encapsulated enclosures built to be one of the safest and reliable ways to protect transformers from water, dust, heat etc. Together with its powder coated mild steel enclosure and the epoxy, further enhances the mechanical robustness of the enclosure and also results in higher level of insulation to extend transformer life. 
High efficiency
Long Service life (no maintenance, extremely high reliability )
Reliable performance (cool, quite operation –no fans or moving parts) 
Highest Insulation level - class ‘H’
Just remove top lid – all terminals at front
Attractive but rugged enclosure. Note “drip-proof” air vents.
All enclosures are made of mild steel then powder coated. Stainless steel and Aluminium enclosures are also available.
Insulation against rough environment.
6 years warranty on parts and labour
Transformers must be protected by either a primary or secondary fuse
Final 100% Testing:
High Voltage
Winding Short Circuit
Open Circuit Secondary Voltage
Voltage Ratio
Fully Encapsulated

Cast Resin

Coil Winding


Note: Due to continual product improvement data and specifications are subject to change without notice.