Applications of constant voltage transformers are endless especially in extra low voltage lighting installations, where the light output and lamp life can be severely affected by a number of factors such as common voltage fluctuations on mains supply, power surges due to lamp inrush current and supply transients. These unwanted fluctuations cause frequent lamp switching and poor re-lamping schedules which can be very costly over time. With all these in mind one must also consider the costs of maintenance, blown fusses, downtime and customer annoyance caused by the need for early lamp replacement especially in multi-lamp applications.
Long Service life
High efficiency, greater than 90%
Rugged fabricated metal enclosures
Supply Voltage 240VAC -/+ 15%
Excellent output regulation, less than 3%
Inherent short circuit protection
Provides a sinusoidal output with <3% harmonic distortion irrespective of supply voltage distortion
Recommended total load is 20 to 100% of the VA rating
Durable ferro-resonant style transformer design.
Available in open frame or enclosed style.
Short circuit protected fuse on secondary up to 30A, higher secondary current protected by circuit breaker on request.
Flat earth pin flex & plug on primary up to 10A, higher current requires hardwired input and output.
The environmental temperature of the transformers must not exceed 50C
Final 100% Testing:
High Voltage
Winding Short Circuit
Open Circuit Secondary Voltage
Voltage Ratio
Operating temperature -200C to + 550C at 100% load.
Note: Due to continual product improvement data and specifications are subject to change without notice.